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We help small and large businesses in the Metro Detroit area build, re-design, and launch websites and mobile apps online.

Website Accessibility

What is Website Accessibility?

Did you know that in many jurisdictions in the world including America, Europe and Canada, a website is legally required to be accessible to people with disabilities including visually impaired, blind, deaf, and neurological muscularly disabled among others?

The aim of website accessibility is to allow website access to all users no matter their disability. Aside from being a powerful enabler for those with disabilities, it is also a great opportunity for website owners to reach over 20% more people!

Make your website accessible and grow your customer base.

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Detroit Web Design?

With over 20 years of sound business under our belt, we can truly say that we’re a results oriented, development firm. From mobile application development to highly successful website development. It’s our goal to assist our clients in achieving their company’s full revenue potential. Detroit Web Designed is powered by JEV Marketing.

What we do

Web Design

We thoroughly analyze your current website and come up with a plan to re-design your site. Our recommendations are to ensure your site accurately represents your brand and message while also retrieving maximum performance results.

Web Development

We sit down and discuss what you want and need in your new site. When we have a concise understanding, we begin to build and design your custom website from the ground up, just the way you want it.

Mobile Application

 We listen to your ideas and incorporate our thoughts on how to make your app concept the best it can be. Then we begin to design and build to launch online.

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EQS Logistics 

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